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Webinar “Human Trafficking and the internet”

Webinar on ‘Human Trafficking and the internet’ on (October 27th, 2022) in connection with our National Day Against Human Trafficking on October 18th. The webinar was opened by the Minister of Justice and Social Affairs (Mr. R.G. (Rocco) Tjon) and directed towards members of the judiciary/law enforcement and was presented by an expert from Interpol Lyon.

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Webinar “Trafficking and the Internet”

Webinar organized by CMMA (October 20th, 2022) in connection with the National Day Against Human Trafficking on October 18th, 2022 titled ‘Trafficking and the internet’ and presented by an UNODC cyber expert. The webinar was introduced by the Prime Minister of Aruba, mrs. Evelyna Wever Croes and the National Coordinator on human trafficking and migrant smuggling Aruba, mrs. Jeannette Richardson-Baars

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