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Day of the Rights of the Child

On Monday, November 20th 2023, CMMA was part of the special broadcast of the show ‘NosMainta’ at TeleAruba in connection with the ‘Day of the Rights of the Child’. Thanks to Telefon pa Hubertud for the invitation and the possibility to inform the public on the right of the child not to be a victim of Human Trafficking.

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Wever-Croes Cabinet: The Aruban government is committed to combating Human Trafficking & Migrant smuggling

October 18th is National Day against Human Trafficking. Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes emphasized that the government is focusing on this issue to raise awareness in the community about how to combat this phenomenon. Unfortunately, human trafficking is something that can happen in Aruba as well, and any citizen who loves their country does not want this to happen.

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