While the human trafficking movie is premiering at the Gloria Theater, a case is being processed in court.


While the human trafficking movie is premiering at the Gloria Theater, a case is being processed in court.

Yesterday morning in the halls of Gloria IMAX, the premiere of the movie ‘On the Other Side of the Road’ was presented, which is a film produced by the local company Freeway Agency under the commission of the Coordination Center for Human Trafficking and Smuggling of Aruba (CMMA).

This is a short film that focuses on the phenomenon of human trafficking and smuggling, something that is often thought not to happen in Aruba; however, it is a global problem and occurs in a more subtle manner, which people are not always aware of. Today, it once again draws attention to this issue.

During the premiere of this film, Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes, together with Minister of Justice and Social Affairs Rocco Tjon, addressed some words regarding this phenomenon. According to Minister Tjon, Aruba also gives more attention to this phenomenon each year, and they have noted the progress achieved in recent years, as confirmed by, among others, the US Department of State.

In 2007, the Government of Aruba decided that the issue of human trafficking and smuggling must become one of the topics to focus more attention on.

CMMA is tasked with three specific duties regarding human trafficking and smuggling: Inform, Educate, and Assist. Thus, people witness another result in the field of Education under the banner of the film ‘On the Other Side of the Road,’ which is part of the ‘Open Your Eyes’ campaign to raise awareness among the people. The film sheds light on modern forms of exploitation and the world of sex cams.

Although there is no information yet that this occurs in Aruba, indications suggest it could arrive here as well. The world is changing rapidly, and exploitation through digital platforms is on the rise.

For this reason, the most recent campaign by CMMA under the title ‘Don’t Fall into the Trap’ is very relevant. It calls on young people, parents, teachers, and the general public to be aware of the risks of online trafficking.

In addition to the Education task, CMMA has also worked hard to fulfill the assistance task. Along with the International Organization on Migration (IOM), a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been written to create a professional and consistent assistance system for victims of human trafficking. IOM also cooperated to finance a counselor to work on the implementation plan of the SOP.

The quality of a country can be measured by the level of attention given to assisting victims of crime. For this reason, activities in the field of assistance should be guided by those who have experienced human trafficking. Their information is essential for identifying risks, protecting and supporting victims, ensuring access to justice, and assisting them throughout the investigation, prosecution, and conviction process of the traffickers.

Human Trafficking Case in Court Today Today, the case of the two suspects, R. Laveist and R. Stamper, is being heard in the first-instance court, where they are accused of human trafficking.

It was last March when the person with the name Lady Salazar Moreno left Puerto Escondido in the state of Falcon, Venezuela, for Aruba, where she disappeared.

In April, the Aruban R. Laveist publicly confessed in various local media that he made an initial attempt to pick up Salazar in January, but it failed. There were words, plans, and financial transactions to bring Salazar to Aruba.

Regarding R. Stamper, Bon Dia Aruba obtained an audio in which Stamper stated that his first contact with Salazar was in the territorial waters of Venezuela to avoid detection by the Coast Guard radar from Aruba. They threw Salazar into the water with a blue buoy so that Stamper could pick her up later.

Afterward, he said that they changed course for Aruba, with Johana on board in Stamper’s boat. He already knew that the Coast Guard was waiting for them, where their boat is always stationed in Colony.

Link to Bon Dia Aruba’s article: Click here

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